Meet Mandy

Every now and again, ranchers will come across a female with such amazing genes, keeping the line going is paramount. For Esquire Cattle, that Red Poll female is named R. Mandy #208409.

Mandy is a tremendous female with an excellent udder. Her femininity is classified as medium size. She has all of the great characteristics that compliment the Red Poll Breed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Mandy comes from well-established stock. That's not just a sales pitch—she is a full sister to "Esquire's Navigator," the 2009 National Grand Champion Bull.

With the right embryo, you can keep an amazing bloodline going, introduce new cattle to your ranch or take advantage of a cow that has good fertility, but not good genetics.

Want the best Red Poll embryo?

Please contact owner Phil at (501) 517-2534.

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