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Red Poll Mother Cow Sales

Esquire Cattle has three different ranches in Arkansas, all with around 100 female cows to choose from. The Red Poll mother cows are fed only the best harvest grass resulting in better milk production and longevity.

With over three decades of experience, Esquire has perfected breeding in the industry. The cows are kept calm and are well looked after, resulting in great calving ease percentages.

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Red Poll Heifer Sales

If you need a good, strong, young female cow that has not yet borne a calf, then Esquire has you covered. Structural soundness is key for all the heifers for sale and you won’t find a better line in North America.

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Red Poll Embryo Sales

With scientific advancements, sometimes the optimal option for the best cattle is through the transfer of an embryo. One, you can ensure you are getting great stock and genetics from a proven animal.

Two, embryo transfers will allow you to introduce a new bloodline into your operation or area. And three, embryotic transfers allow you to utilize an inferior cow with good fertility, without the bad genetics.

Amazing Embryos: see the sister of a National Grand Champion

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Red Poll Young Bull Sales

It’s all about getting the best genetics; that's how you ensure you are breeding for the best milk production, beef and long-lasting animals. The young bulls at Esquire have been breed for strength, longevity and effectiveness. It’s a tried and true procedure that has been happening at our ranches for decades.

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  • Pairs
  • Show prospects
  • Open heifers
  • Bred heifers

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